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Overcoming the “Angry Black Woman” Trope

While in corporate America, I spent more time than I can count thinking about how I can authentically express myself and be heard without coming across as “too angry”. What is the “right” amount of passion and commitment I can convey when I am advocating for myself and others while remaining likable? How do I come across as powerful and intelligent without being labeled as intimidating? Bottom line: exhausting.

Spiritual Wellbeing: Why and How I Committed to a Mindfulness Practice

I grew up in a diverse family within a diverse community in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. From a religious perspective, I was raised Muslim, my family on my mother’s side is Christian and many of the people in my childhood neighborhood were Jewish. I believe that is part of the beauty of living within a few miles of our nation’s capital. Different people. Different worldviews. Different experiences. Yet, we all managed to come together in so many lovely ways.

Mental Wellbeing: It was a long time coming

My mother died suddenly after an operation when I was 17. We buried her, rented an RV and drove from Maryland to Orlando, FL, went to Disney World and drove home. Then, I packed up my life and moved away to start my freshman year in college. Within one month, I went from thriving high school senior, feeling on top of the world, to a motherless daughter navigating the academic and social demands of university life.